[ROM] MIUI v6 5.7.16 for lava iris x8 (mt6592)

[ROM] MIUI v6 5.7.16 for lava iris x8 (mt6592)
FM Radio Working
Bluetooth Working
Mi Themes, fonts, wallpapers
Miui 6 Boot animation
Stable as Rock
Smooth as butter
MIUI ROM 5.7.16 Full Changelog
Optimization - Adjusted One-handed mode title color (07-13)

Optimization - When adding new contacts in Global version, IM default icon became Skype (07-08)

New - All notification messages are collected into one folder (India) (07-15)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
Optimization - Display height of lockscreen notifications (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes, prevent misoperation panel appeared incorrectly (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes prevent misoperation mode did not work (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes, pressing lockscreen notification did not lead to the corresponding app (07-08)
Fix - Lockscreen notifications could not display dynamic icons (07-13)
Fix - Sometimes notification shade could not be pulled down (07-13)

New - Allow downloading cloud album photos using mobile data (07-13)
Fix - Slowness in finding projection devices (07-13)
Fix - Incorrect album covers (07-15)

New - Support amr type music files (07-13)
New - Mi Sound Enhancer supports Mi Headphones and Mi Piston Youth Edition (07-13)
Optimization - Reduced Music app launching time (07-13)
Optimization - Reduced occurring times of 'Not enough memory' error (07-13)
Fix - High quality audios could not be downloaded (07-13)

New - Added animation introduction for one-handed mode settings (07-06)

Optimization - Optimized smoothness of swiping left/right in Monthly view (07-07)
Fix - Calendar might FC when several reminders rang at the same time (07-07)

[Data Usage]
New - Added the feature to recommend to optimize apps so that a large amount of data can be saved (07-03)
New - Data saver supports setting image compression ratio (07-03)
Optimization - Optimized RAM usage (07-03)
Optimization - Optimized daily data usage limit strategy for the last day of a month (07-03)
Optimization - Allow setting data usage limit for lockscreen notifications, and a threshold will be recommended according to the data plan (07-10)

New - Support blocking numbers according to the times it has been reported (07-13)

Fix - Inserted images width displayed incorrectly in Mi Note Pro (07-10)

[Clock / Calculator]
Optimization - Ascending volume interval was changed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (07-08)
Optimization - Alarm clock max auto-silence time was changed to 10 minutes (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes alarm clock could not be turned off (07-08)
Fix - Stopwatch might keep the screen awake (07-15)

New - Support deleting duplicate photos from Gallery (07-14)



Download Links: ROM
Google drive link
Thanks to Shyam for uploading it... ROM

must flash patch !!!!!!! if u dont then U MAY CORRUPT THE SYSTEM FLASH THIS AFTER FLASHING THE ROM !!!!!! !!!! 



for rooting use kingroot or flash this : link

for internal storage and other problems use xposed and install xiinternalsd links here 
xposed : link
xinternal sd : link

**use this tools to download if u cant download it : link
tips u can flash dolby and music mod for kitkat for best xperience

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